The new Tribesmen Social Network!

Recently, F@cebook has censored, banned, and moderated free speech, clubs, and anyone who disagrees with their ideology, agenda, or those of their “handlers.”

In response, the Tribesmen have created our own social network called TFFTConnect!

The public stream can be found on the Tribesmen mc website. This stream shows news, updates, and upcoming events and can be seen publicly. A login link invites a deeper dive into what has replaced any need for existing social sites.

One must register first, but once approved by the private site’s administrator, may create a profile page, connect with others, including members of the club, and post/share anything they like.

Individual posts will be shared with their friends and the community activity stream, private to members of the network, only. Members can private message other members, build their own photo albums, and, if they must, even share links and public posts to other social sites.

The greatest part of this alternative is that it is 100% private and hosted through the club’s database! However, it’s open to club members and the public: for our supporters, family, friends, or those looking to socialize with the same. This means that if you are a member of the site, you are among others who have been approved and granted access with the same interests you have.

Enjoy, connect, and socialize!

Come Ride with the Reaper!


Come Ride with the Reaper!
We didn't like other platforms telling us how to think so we ditched em and built our own! For us, our Support, and anyone else looking to Ride With the Reaper!
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